The teacher’s journey

The day I finished my first Kundalini Yoga practice, I went out into the street completely sure of something: that feeling of total connection with myself and the integration of body, soul, and mind was what I always wanted in my life. It was four years ago, since then yoga has been the lens I chose to see the world and myself, know me, recognize me, and transform myself as a human being.
I studied communication and journalism in Medellín, a vibrant city with a very interesting history traversed by the horror of violence and the resilience of its inhabitants. A beautiful city between two big mountains that are the final part of the Andes mountain range that crosses from Chile to Colombia, all Latin America.
I was happy working as a communicator and journalist focused on culture, art, and then education. I worked as a digital content producer, and then I focused on cultural management from the MAMM, the Museum of Modern Art in Medellín, the most important contemporary art museum in Colombia and one of the most representative in Latin America.
My search – a spiritual and adventurous call – to learn a second language, live in another culture and grow more as an individual brought me to Uganda in 2018. I worked as a nanny for a Dutch family and later became a Spanish teacher, this has been the most important thing that has happened to me in life.
I started working in two international schools in Kampala, and I just finished my international certification as a teacher. I have been able to link my knowledge in communication, with holistic education and the spiritual pursuits that are the basis of human life on earth.
Currently, I am doing my Yoga Teacher Training: The art of Vinyasa yoga and creative sequencing. 

I am a funny, critical, risk-taking, intelligent and caring woman. Years of experience in group work teach me more and more, the richness of diversity and the beauty of our complexities. I have experience in the creation of curriculums since for the two schools I have created the plan class for teaching Spanish, I also like designing workshops focused on creativity and self-direct.
I call ‘loving discipline’ the routine that is created with effort and dedication to achieve goals that we do well. I’m a big fan of knowing how to say ‘no’ and like to live surrounded by nature.