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Talking to different people about what you did last weekend can be very interesting if those people are students, like you, from around the world who are just as interested in learning English and meeting other people. I’m living #EnglishNewZealandMyExperience. I have met many people and I am interested in hearing their stories. The language is only a tool to understand everything  we have to say.

I found myself sitting in the middle of a group of Arab and Thai people, they were pleasantly surprised when I showed them pictures of a village near my town called Guatape, one of the most beautiful landscapes of my country. I was also surprised when I heard some Koreans say that in their high school they had to do work on issues that I had just finished at university.  Or when the Indians add more spices than water in their food while cooking.

Study in new zealand

Everything is very different, interesting and enriching. Language is actually a tool to learn more about the world. You need to put a lot of effort in if you want to undertand the people better.

English New Zealand  represents a group of well-established, quality English language schools located throughout New Zealand. Over 80% of students enrolled in private tertiary English language providers choose English New Zealand schools..

English Schools New Zealand  specialize in teaching English to international students, and many also offer more opportunities to study at different academic levels and support in finding work, because usually the people who get the visa students are permitted to work 20 hours a week.

I suggest you to take these steps to start the process of finding information if you want to come to New Zealand to live an academic and cultural experience like mine. As a first step, please visit the Immigration New Zealand website so you can get information on visa requirements for students from your country.   You need to be sure that you are eligible for the correct type of visa before making further enquiries.

Each school manages its own student recruitment so the individual schools will give you detailed information about their courses, start dates, costs and enrolment process. If you want to contact a specific school, you should visit  You can also search by city You can use their email address to contact them.

New Zealand is a fantastic place to learn English while living a unique cultural experience. Choosing a New Zealand school ensures that your academic process is effective and that people who have similar interests to you offers the opportunity to do activities together to enrich the stay in this country.

DynaSpeak New Zealand
DynaSpeak New Zealand


If yoEnglish New Zealand my experienceu want to know my academic and cultural experience in this country, I invite you to visit the following link. You can ask me if you have any questions or you are interested in a particular topic.